Have you ever heard of the lost Gabriel Garza episode from season one? It was aired at 2:00 in the morning. "Monkey See, Monkey Goop" was going to air at 1:00 pm for the first time, but it never did. Instead they were supposed to show a repeat of "2-G" at 1:00 pm. But, at 1:00 pm viewers were shown a half hour message saying that they decided to air "Monkey See, Monkey Goop" at 2:00 am.

What viewers were shown was not "Monkey See, Monkey Goop" but something much, much, much more disturbing. Viewers report seeing an episode that they could not believe CBS would air, they said it started out with a title card saying "The Devils Fall". Then, it cut to the view switching between a empty view of the street and the street looking up at Gabriel. First of all it had no color, and the audio was mostly silent. As he stepped away from the window it showed his hands, covered in hyper-realistic blood, which was the only color in the episode.

As it zoomed out further it showed.. what appeared to be Roge, with blood dripping down from his throat.. with a blooded dagger nearby. Gabriel bent down and picked it up, and slowly began walking down the corridor of his upstairs floor, as he walked past his room, on the floor lied Leno, well what was shown in the show, with a pool of blood surrounding him.

As Gabriel went down the stairs he went into the kitchen, where Cole was there, suffering the same fate of one of his brothers, Gabriel exited the house, walking down the street, as this was happening the screen began flickering with pictures of what appeared to be hyper-realistic bodies.

As Gabriel came to a stop the screen stopped flickering and the bodies shown appeared around him, as he plunged the knife through his throat. The noises switched to static and the camera panned up, zooming further out and showing what appeared to be a human boy, this image became hyper-realistic and sounds of laughing could be heard, the screen cut to static and stayed for the rest of duration, then the episode was over and the viewer heard a gunshot.

Only 500 people were known to have viewed this episode and 200 of them were found dead and the other 300 had trauma issues, and got sent to an insane ward because they claimed "The boy was trying to kill himself" and only one person got out of the insane asylum and told me this tale. He said he doesn't have much time to live, so to tell other people about this tale as his dying wish. He was found dead 10 days later.

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