I was an intern at Gingo Animation in 1994. My job is to watch new episodes before they premiere; it's a nice job for the most part, but there's one thing I would like to forget. It was about three months ago. We were supposed to get "The Vacation" but instead, got an episode called "Claire's Horrible Death." We thought the name was some dark humor and watched it. The episode started out as usual, with Claire walking into her house and telling her dad she had a lot of homework to do. Claire's dad tells her to go do it. She then says, "Alright, daddy."

It then shows a "the next day" title card. It then showed Claire walking down the stairs. She looked sleep deprived. She then tells her parents that she is going to school. It cuts to her handing in her homework. Mrs. Picksit had hyper realistic eyes. She then took one look at it and started yelling at her. Not cartoon yelling, but you could clearly hear malice in it. It then cut to Claire sitting on a chair.

She then stood up. It then showed a photo of a hangman's noose. The next photo showed Claire's legs standing on a stool. Then the stool tipping over, and Claire's legs just hanging there. The episode stops. Geo G. told us it was made by an animator who really went insane. I last heard some wacko put it on TV, and if you see it, don't watch, and call me or the TV executives.

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