Do you know that show on Gingo called TeenV? Well, one day, my friends told me that there was a Hatty lost episode on YouTube. I clicked on the link.

This episode made me cry and I tell you why. At first, the intro was different. It was in black and white. The episode was titled "Tiny Beaver's Revenge". What a weird episode. It started with Hatty and Allo playing with toys. I never saw them play with their toys like that. Then, Tiny Beaver appears and punches Hatty. He put out a gun and shot Hatty.

Then it cut to a dumper where Tiny appears and splits on Allo. Hatty said "Allo, look out!". Tiny stabs Allo. Tiny came up to the duo and says "You made me do this".

Tiny bites Hatty's arm off, he cries and screams in pain. The episode ended with Hatty's friends at the weasel's funeral. The episode name me cry, because I liked Hatty and Allo, they were awesome characters.

The episode was made by an insane animator who hated the weasel. I never saw something like that in a Hatty episode.

Thank you for taking time reading this.

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