One day, I was on YouTube, searching some Gabriel Garza videos. Then I came across a YouTube channel by the name "Gabrielsuicide666." He or she only had one video. It was a link to a video called "LENO.wmv". I was a little skeptical at first but I clicked on it since Leno Garza was one of my favorite characters. The video began.

The Gabriel Garza intro started playing, nothing unusual happened. Then it went to the title card. The episode was called "LENO". No, I'm not joking. Just "LENO".

The episode started with Gabriel hanging out with his friends, until Leno told them that the terrible news is he's going to get killed by Vio, along with Violet Parr from The Incredibles. I thought to myself, "Hey, how did Violet Parr from The Incredibles get in there?"

Then all of sudden, Vio burst into the house and throws a knife to Leno, but he missed him. Instead, the knife landed on Gabriel's chest. After he did that, Gabriel started to scream in agony realistically before he dies. Also, I realized the blood looked very real rather than cartoonish.

Everyone started to scream and panic, and Leno and Violet manage to escape. So they went on a top building at Sinking Spring. Then the sky started to get darker and the moon rises.

Leno says to Violet that he hopes Vio won't find them here, but they were wrong. Vio appeared nowhere and stabbed Leno and Violet. When Vio left the building, Leno and Violet are now ghosts, so did Gabriel and the rest of the gang. So they went to Vio's lair and scare Vio in a really creepy way. So they did. Then Vio gets a heart attack and he dies. After that, the ghosts disappear. Then it fades to black for 1 minute. Then a bloody Leno appeared, saying "You're next!". Then he magically came out of my computer screen and he killed me. The end.

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