It started out as a normal day, me looking for retro video games. I went to GameStop, like I always do, and I found a copy of one of my favorite games that I loved as a child. It was Niz Chicoloco, a platformer where you play as a tough kid that beats the crap out of enemies. Anyways, I asked the cashier how much he wanted for it, and he told me it was free. I was flattered! A great video game for free!
Niz Chicoloco PS1 Cover Art NTSC

After I thanked the cashier, I went home and popped Niz Chicoloco in my PS1. However, something was off.

The title screen was very disturbing. Niz had empty eye sockets and a bleeding mouth. Instead of the title screen music playing, it played Fire Bob's battle theme playing very fasted and at a much lower pitch, also in reverse. I was a little scared, and I wanted to turn off the game, but something inside me told me to keep playing.

When I pressed start, it didn't take me to the file select screen. Instead, it took me right into the game, and I was in the map screen. I started on the first level, Zenao Lands.

However, it wasn't called Zenao Lands. Instead it was called:


I was surprised at this. Gabriel Garza wasn't even IN Niz Chicoloco! In fact, he was not supposed to be on another game other than his own games! However, I kept on playing. Zenao Lands was on fire. The enemies looked sad and I swear that they had tears in their eyes as they died. It only got worse from there.

The enemies started looking sadder and had fresh scars that bled realistic blood. As I got to Gabriel at the end, he was sobbing, with blood pouring out of his eyes and mouth. His yellow shirt was stained with blood.

A text box appeared. It read:

"Niz... I can't take it anymore... Please, end my suffering..."

I punched Gabriel and he fell on the ground, dazed. I picked him up and used a Mad Move on him.

Another text appeared. It said:

"Do it again, Niz..." I did it again. "O...n...c...e...more... Niz..." Finally, I killed him, and instead of spitting gears out, Niz stood in front of him and blood splattered all over his face. The screen goes black. Then Niz appeared on the screen, with black eyes. He had an evil smile. Then Niz said something sinister, in voice.

"Don't turn off the game, you worth-for-nothing little fool. Let me do it for you."

Then my PS1 turned itself off. I cried my eyes out. I was so scared. I took the game out of my PS1, and smashed it, burned it, and did everything you could to destroy it.

I still have nightmares about what I saw. I will never play a Niz Chicoloco game again, due to my past experiences.

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