In 2004, a season 6 episode of TeenV called My Secret Life aired on Fox on February 1, 2004.

However, on June 11, 2006, a rather... strange version, which I can only describe as a prototype or a bootleg, aired on Fox at 2:30 AM in the morning.

The EpisodeEdit

The episode went normal, but it got weird when Geoff went to Kathy's room.

Kathy was mumbling something about ISIS and Paris attacks. This is strange, as the bootleg was shown to the public in 2006, the original episode was created in 2004, and the Paris attacks didn't happen until November 2015.

Kathy still kept mumbling for a minute until Geoff shouts out to Kathy, "ROT IN HELL", which Geoff was definitely insulting her.

Suddenly, Geoff pulled out a gun and shot Kathy in the gut. Blood splattered everywhere, as Kathy fell to the floor screaming in agony.

After that, she died.

Lana, Davy, Sean and Penny look at Geoff and gasp in horror, but then Geoff shoots them as well.

It cuts to another scene, showing Smokeville on fire.

There were dead bodies of people everywhere, including the recurring characters. I also saw Lioose, Grodi Shelby, Mr. Hison, Jack Binaski, Mayor Pucksbottom, and other recurring characters with their heads on stacks, bleeding purposely.

Then it cuts to Geoff, who is looking directly at the camera.

And what were the final words of this bootleg before a wall of text from the US government popped up?

Geoff said, "This is your end, you dirty fuckers. You will—"

As far as I know, the airing of the episode was an accidental fluke since I've never seen it played again.

It must have been a bootleg or an early version of My Secret Life, but obviously it was too morbid and rejected and not considered canon.

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