Remember those old TeenV episodes which some of us used to watch on FOX in 1998?

Well, I've found an episode that was supposed to be aired during Halloween. However, it was considered so horrifying and disturbing and it only aired once.

I remembered this episode years ago when it first (but last) aired on FOX at 2:00 in the morning. But I noticed something odd.

No intro. No title card.

But I think I saw a quick image of a morbid-looking Geoff holding a dagger. It started out as Grodi talking to what looked like a shadow.

There was a weird mumble but I made out. It was in Japanese. I put the words in a translator and turned out to be something about Satan. Then there was static for about 10 seconds, then a more vivid picture of Geoff.

But I noticed a body in the background. The picture was only about half a second longer than before.

Then Geoff was talking with Davy. He was saying weird stuff like, "Soon, they shalt cease to exist, and their world will be filled with misery and blood." and "They shalt all perish in terror of their new world leader." Soon after, they arrived at Burger World.

But it cut to black.

For 2 minutes I heard whispering. Soon, screams that got louder and louder were heard.

All of a sudden, the picture. Clear as a crystal...

The people in the background. Were all people that I knew. And then the Geoff grabbed a head and put on the screen.

My head.

Then the TV shut itself off and I heard a whisper in my ear. "I'll see you in hell." I turned around...

But no one was there.

Except my... Geoff Delmer doll...

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