I used to like The Loud House as my #1 favorite show, but now my NEW #1 favorite show is Zina Supermoon.

My story begins when I was going out for a walk, and then I found a disc on a deck of the pond, so I picked it up and it said "The Loud House Secret Special Episode" written in ink. It was revealed that it was a DVD disc I was like, "Hey, I love The Loud House." I went back home, and cleaned it.

I then put it into my PS2 and watched the episode. The tape started with a warning screen, next was the Nickelodeon fish floating around. But then I noticed something. The fish's eyes were red bloodshot and the fish itself was a zombie. and as well as some previews. And while those previews were playing. I went over to my kitchen, and got myself a hot dog and a Pepsi. When I got back into the living room There was blood covered text that said, “Stay Tuned For A Special Presentation After The Movie.” Also, There was a dark quiet voice reading the text. And I could see teeth behind the words. The 2002 Paramount feature presentation logo came on, But the quality was terrible and the audio was in G major. And significantly, The color was different. When it ended, There was text saying, “I Am God!”

After that, a red, realistic Lincoln appeared, holding Bun-Bun covered in blood, and he said, "Welcome... To... The... LOUD... House...". It turn showed a not normal version of OJ (that character from Inanimate Insanity. Why was an Inanimate Insanity character doing after a logo?). As it zoomed in, he demonicly screamed, "I will kill you!", before taking out a gun and shooting himself, orange juice splattered everywhere and OJ fell off and more orange juice splattered everywhere.

The Loud House intro played but in backwards. That's messed up. After that very weird version of what it seemed to be, the title card came up, and that was even weird too, because the title card was in G major. And the episode was called: "A Day With Lincoln!" I was kind of shocked.

After the weird looking title card, the episode begun with a fade transition into Clyde's living room and it looked pretty different, with a Red wall. That's not all, the animation looked cheap like something off of a B-movie. Lincoln sighed happily and said to the viewers. "Don't you just love hanging out with your best friend? Well, I sure do. I still got 10 sisters for some reason. The worst things they have ever done was the Sister Fight Protocol, the bad luck incident, the Sweet Spot, and others. The Sweet Spot is kinda more like the Sour Spot, by the way. I wish that they would just leave me alone, but I can't hurt them, they're my siblings! I still love them though, and I hope I forgive them."

But then... it cut to the sign of Royal Woods and It was a character from an non-Nicktoon; Gabriel Garza. How can Gabriel be in the series? What a coincidence! Or is this like a crossover or something? Gabriel then walks to the Royal Woods. It then fades to a shot of Lincoln's house and Gabriel walks up to the door. he Knocks it and Lori herself opens it.

Lori looks confused about the fact that there was Gabriel in front of his door.

Lori did respond with "Um... hello there...what are you doing here."

Gabriel hid a knife behind his back and replied with, "Hi Lori Loud. I'm Gabriel Garza. And I am here to see your brother Lincoln Loud."

Lori replied with, "Isn't he at Clyde's house?"

Gabriel replied with, "Thanks for telling me. Bye-bye!"

Lori looks confused and said "Bye." And she closed the door.

It then fades to a shot of Clyde's house and Gabriel walks up to the door. he Knocks it and Lincoln himself opens it.

Lincoln looks confused about the fact that there was Gabriel in front of his door. Lincoln did respond with "Um... hello there...what are you doing here." Gabriel hid a knife behind his back and replied with, "Hi Lincoln Loud. I'm Gabriel Garza. And I am here to wish you a happy birthday."

Lincoln replied with "Awww that's the sweetest thing I heard all day!"

With this quote, I thought that maybe the kills Lincoln thing was a joke.

But man was I wrong.

Gabriel replied with "NO" and then, "I'LL DESTROY YOU! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!", he stabbed Lincoln in the arm and I could see dark red blood on the arm. Lincoln panicked and tried to get out of Gabriel's way. Gabriel continued to swing the knife before Lincoln knocked him out with a vase. Clyde and his dads Harold and Howard came up and Harold said, "What's going on here?!" Gabriel saw them and started killing them multiple times, much to Clyde's horror. "DADS!!!" Clyde screamed in tears in horror. Lincoln then turned to his best friend Clyde.

"That's not going to hold him long Clyde. I'm going to have my dad protect you while my mom get the police." "Thanks, Lincoln!" Lincoln, despite one of them being badly hurt, and Clyde ran out of his house, while Gabriel was still knocked out.

Gabriel appeared to have a black eye and a few scratches, but no major injuries. He woke up, turned to his knife's side before seeing that his knife somehow broke in half.

Gabriel was real shocked at what he saw. "Well, Its a good thing that I have a Rock River Arms AR-15 rifle.", he replied

"A Rock River Arms AR-15 rifle!?!?! wasn't that banned in America this year?", I said to myself.

Gabriel then turned to "the viewers" and said, "I need your help. I know he's my enemy, can you get the rifle out of Vio? Ok but you must hurry because Lincoln is getting away. Say Vio….LOUDER!"

The scene the fade to Vio in the middle of a sky blue background. In addition to the rifle, there was also a Hershey Bar, A VHS tape, A baby bottle, and a math book.

The scene was very familiar to the backpack segments in Dora The Explorer. What mainly happened in this segment of the video was that The arrow first pointed to the VHS tape before pointing at the riffle. However, The scene where The pointer clicked on the tape Vio yells, "YOU IDIOT!!!!! THAT IS A VHS TAPE, HOW CAN A VIDEO KILL SOMEONE!?!?!?!? FIND THE ACTUAL RIFLE RIGHT NOW OR I WILL GO TO YOUR HOUSE AND STRANGLE YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY!!!!!!!!"

That quote made feel scared at this point, I was to scared to even leave I just kept watching.

The rifle fell into Gabriel's hands and Gabriel replied with, "Thanks for your help! Now come on, we got some killing to do." he left Clyde's home as the scene faded to the Loud House. He then went to the Loud House. "There it is.... The Loud House... the house of 1 boy and 10 sisters that I will destroy!" Gabriel said

It zoomed into the house with the sisters doing their activities.

They were interrupted when Lincoln slam the door inside.

"Mom! Dad!", said Lincoln "That psychopathic boy with glasses and a yellow shirt is out to get me and my best friend Clyde, and I need someone to protect my friend!"

The Loud family shocked in horror.

Leni said, "Poor Linky!"

"Lincoln, honey, your arm doesn't look very good. Here, I'll take Clyde and call 911 while you go sit and put some bandages on the arm." Rita, Lincoln's mom, said

Lincoln listened to his mom Rita and went to a near by table leaving Clyde with Rita. Lori took some cloth out of her pocket and started to place some on Lincoln's bloody arm when yet another slam was heard, this time, by Gabriel with the gun.

"Lincoln, stay right where you are!", Gabriel yelled out as he armed the gun. Lincoln screamed in horror, "AAAAAHHHHH!!! IT'S HIM!!! THAT IS THE KID WHO KILLED CLYDE'S FATHERS!!!"

Lori, Luan and Luna were protecting Lincoln. Lori said, "LEAVE OUR ONLY BROTHER ALONE!!!"

Gabriel yelled, "BROTHERS!!!" Then Gabriel's brothers Roge, Leno and Cole appear.

Lynn looks confused, "Huh? You are you three?"

Roge replied with, "We are siblings to Gabriel. And we are here to team up with our brother to kill you all."

Lori and Luna and Luan replied with, "WHAT?!"

Gabriel replied with, "Not just 3 of you and ALL OF YOU!!!!! WE ALL WITNESSED YOUR STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brothers, TAKE THEM AWAY!!"

Leni cried, "WHAT NOO!!!! LINKYYYYYY!!!"

Lincoln, being grabbed by Gabriel, cried, "LENI!! GIRLS!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Gabriel's brothers put the Loud sisters outside, and Roge asked, "Uncle Loy, you bring the elephant?" Lori gulped.

Loy replied with, "Sure did." the execution is Made By Gabriel's uncle Loy and the Elves Used Dumbo's Dad name Jumbo A African Bull Elephant It Crushes Heads Of Death Sentences. Lori screamed in horror, "AAAHHHH!!!" Leno brought Lori yelled, "GET IN THERE!!" Lori gulped. They Put Lori on the Plate as Gabriel and Lincoln watched, so the elephant Crushed her head And then realistic blood came out. Lincoln cried, "LORI!!!!" Leni, in the stock with head, screamed in agony, "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" The elephant crushed her head with realistic blood coming out. Lincoln cried, "LENI!!!!" Luna, in the stock with head, cried, "NO NONONONONO !!!" THe elephant grabbed and smashed her in the stock and crushed her with her scream and her head got crushed and she died with realistic blood coming out. Lincoln cried, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!! LUNAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!", and he started crying heavily realistically and cried in tears, "SHE WAS MY GUARDIAN!!!!" Next was Luan. Lincoln cried, "No! NO! NO! NOT LUAN!" Luan cried, "Nono! No!" Gabriel said, "KILL HER! KILL HER! KILL HER! KILL HER! KILL HER!" Her Head is on the stock. The elephant crushed Luan's head with realistic blood coming out. Lincoln, in tears, cried, "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lynn cried, "I don’t want my head crushed!" She started crying. The elf hits her with elephant hook, and she said, "Ow!" The elf puts her and elephant crushed her head with realistic blood coming out and the elves laugh. Lincoln cried, "LYNN!!!" "Oh no.", Lucy cried, and the elves put Lucy and the elephant crushed her with realistic blood coming out! Lincoln cried, "LUCY!!!!!" Lana cried, "I don’t wanna die!!!" The elephant is ready to crush her and Lana is screaming, and the elephant did crush her with realistic blood coming out. Lincoln cried, "LANA!!!!" Lola cried, "Linky!!! I’m sorry!" The elephant crushed her with realistic blood coming out. Lincoln cried, "LOLA!!!!" Lisa cried, "NONONONONO NOOOO!!!" Loy told her, "I know you're as smart as I am..." As he continued, "but did you fail your tests?" Then Loy gives her the evil face. The elephant crushed her with realistic blood coming out. Lincoln cried, "LISA!!!!!" He started crying and sobbing really, really loudly but with realistic crying. "WINKY!!" Lincoln shocked in tears, "Lily?!" He gasped in terror as he saw what's going on, and it was revealed that Lily is all tied up. With Leno about to cut her in half with an axe. Lily started crying "WINKY!!" Lincoln gasped in horror and cried, "No! No! Don't do it!" Leno gives him the evil look. Lincoln angrily cried, "DON'T YOU DARE HURT MY BABY SISTER!!! DON'T YOU DARE!!! DON'T... YOU... DARE!!!!!" And guess what Leno did.

Leno already did cut Lily in half with realistic blood coming out. Lincoln cried, "LILY!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Gabriel lets him go. He dropped to his knees, and hugged Leni's and Lily's carcasses. He started crying as he stared at all his sisters's disemboweled bodies.

Gabriel told his brothers, Uncle and the elves, "Thanks for your help, guys."

Roge replied, "No problem, Gabriel. See you when you get back."

Gabriel waved, "Bye guys."

Gabriel's brothers Roge, Cole and Leno, Uncle Loy and the elves head back home with the elephant.

Gabriel gets ready, "Now Lincoln, you're next!"



Lincoln cried as he replied, "No! No! Not me!"

Gabriel replied with, "YES! YOU!"

"Please don't do this to me!" Lincoln replied. "I have loving family and friends, I enjoy reading comic books and I STILL need to get my better grades at school. Please don't do this!"


"Hey Lame-O. Wanna hango-" She stopped speaking as they saw what was going on. Just then Gabriel decided to stop waiting and guess what he did?

Gabriel shot Lincoln multiple times and he died instantly. I was shocked when the video showed Lincoln's corpse with photo-realistic blood and text popped up on the screen. It was a quote from Edgar Allan Poe. It read:

"The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls."

Everyone in the neighborhood was also shocked at what they saw.

Gabriel then stabbed Bobby in the chest with a knife with blood splatting on Ronnie Anne and he lay on the ground, dead. it showed Bobby dead, with a pool of blood surrounding him. Ronnie Anne started screaming in horror.

"So now it's your turn, you stupid prankster!" Gabriel raised an axe over to Ronnie Anne, then Brutally murdered her with it. After he did, Ronnie Anne was on the ground dead. Gabriel cheered of happiness, He saw Rita and Lynn Sr. standing in front of him. "Why are you doing this?" Rita asked. Gabriel replied with "Now it's time to kill you!" He then stabbed both Lynn Sr. And Rita a bunch of times. There was a "Thnk" noise and blood began to leak from a wound in middle of Rita's chest. He then chopped up all of Lynn Sr.'s body parts. It then cut to Rita and Lynn Sr.'s corpses. It lasted for 30 seconds.

The camera cut to Mr. Grouse, Gabriel was knocking at the door. Mr. Grouse bursted through the door and screamed, "If you don’t get the HELL out right now, I'm going to kill you!!" Gabriel replied with "How would you like it if I killed you?" Then he brutally beat up Mr. Grouse, Gabriel's hand is now a real hand and is now stabbing Mr. Grouse in the neck cutting his head off. His eyes were black and they were bleeding senselessly.

Then, he went to Flip's. He saw Flip in there. Flip said "What the hell happened?" Gabriel replied with "I'm on a killing spree, and you're next!" He then pulled out a shot gun and murdered Flip who had bullet holes in them. "That's what your asses get!" Gabriel said.

Then Gabriel was standing outside saying "I only have more people in the show to kill." He then went to Royal Woods Elementary School, to kill Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson said, "What the crap are you doing with that knife?!" Gabriel replied by saying. "You MUST die!" Then Gabriel brutally murdered Mrs. Johnson senselessly! She was permanently dead at the next second. "What even is this?" I asked to myself.

Gabriel then went to the Casagrande apartment to kill Maria and the Casagrandes. Their real names are Hector and Rosa (the grandparents), aunt and uncle Frida and Carlos, their cousins Carlota, C.J., Carl, and Carlitos, and their pets Lalo and Sergio. In the scene, Carlota said, "Where is that darn remote?" Maria replied with, "I thought I put it right here!" Just then, Gabriel jumped out and he brutally murdered Maria and the entire Casagrande family "Hell yes! They're finally dead permanently!"

Gabriel then went to the Chang apartment. Then I realized, that he was coming for Sid and her family, Adelaide, Becca and Stanley. He saw Sid in the apartment. Sid said, "What the hell do you want you bastard?" Gabriel then spoke in a demonic voice, "I am going to kill you retard! Prepare to die!" He then shoots the entire Chang family, and their corpse rots and vanishes.

Gabriel then killed Clyde McBride, and Lincoln's pets Charles, Cliff, Walt, and Geo. Their bodies were rotting corpses. Then, he went to go kill Arturo, Bobby and Ronnie Anne's dad and Maria's ex-husband. Arturo was inside his house. He walked inside. He then hid behind the house. Then Arturo said "why do you have a gun and a knife?" Gabriel said "Cause I am going to kill you!" Then he shoots Arturo in the head and he died instantly.

Then Gabriel builds two nuclear bombs, and blows up the last of both Royal Woods and Great Lakes City. This had killed everyone else, like Pop-Pop, Sam Sharp, Liam, Darcy, Rusty Spokes, Agnes Johnson, Cheryl, Coach Pacowski, Zach Gurdle, Stella, Nikki, Cristina, Girl Jordan, Haiku, Norm, Nurse Patti, Wilbur T. Huggins, Chester "Chunk" Monk, Katherine Mulligan, Scoots, Ruth, Carol Pingrey, Becky, Jackie, and MORE.

Then, there was one last scene after, that scared the living daylights out of me. It was Gabriel, but his eyes were red, and his eye sockets were black. He was bouncing up and down, while a demonic voice said "Chris Savino if you are watching this...@#$% you and your family. Geo G. and Stephen Hillenburg are better than you. I am glad that you are fired and never going to make more Loud House episodes again. Goodbye.".

It cut to a Message saying "Everybody is now dead!!! This is all your fault. You couldn't save them. The show's over. If it weren't for that Loud show, The Modifyers created by Chris Reccardi and Lynne Naylor would've been greenlit. Now thank you for watching the final Loud House episode that never been released. Goodbye. oh, and by the way.... I'M GONNA KILL YOU!"

After that, The Nickelodeon logo came on and it was shaped like a bomb. On the handle, there was a small label with the number 666 on it. Also on it was text saying "תורך". It was Hebrew for "Your turn".

I couldn't even comprehend of what had happened back there. Gabriel in the series, losing his mind and executing his victims. In spite of my hatred for The Loud House, this was just too much. My ears still bleed and I vomited onto the floor. My mother entered in the room and had noticed what just erupted. She drove me to the doctor, where I tried to explain my case, but all they suggested it was just in my imagination. After that horrific experience, I shelved all my The Loud House merchandise and possibly gave it away to Goodwill. I will never watch The Loud House ever again.

If you see that episode somewhere, DO NOT watch it, and beware.

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